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Our primary objective at EDF Creative is to develop intuitive approaches to our customer's needs by actively engaging in positive two-way communication to achieve a mutually beneficial solution to their objectives.

We will continue to enhance our portfolio of services and develop new strategies to further support our main goal, which always involves putting our customer's first!

At present, we are developing our techniques in 3-Dimensional rendering/animation and fine-tuning our portrait studio as well as enhancing our artistic capabilities. We want to be able to accept any challenge head on...Particularly if it involves learning new skills!

We strive to develop our design and marketing objectives with the latest in software technology and adhere to industry standards by purchasing all of our software and equipment directly from the actual vendors. Yes, we own every single license and use only royalty free or legally purchased Fonts and Images.

Our small network of freelancers and respected print service providers ensures that we will always do what we say we are going to do and deliver all of our goods and services ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET - we consider this to be our finest asset.

So whether you're looking to add that extra something to your party or event, a company that wants to build on it's brand or need professional photos for any occasion...please call us today for a FREE Consultation!

781-413-5131 or 781-963-2147

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